What makes us different from the rest?

We make minimum use of sub-contractors; we have a team of permanent staff members.

This makes us much more versatile and you can feel safe in your home as you do not have new faces on your site every day and you don’t have to worry about valuables disappearing. We will introduce you to the team and you will get to know them all by name. We take responsibility for both our team and our work.

More on-site supervision. We don’t drop off a team in the morning and collect them again in the afternoon, the team is managed efficiently.  There is quality control carried out and we look into your grievances and wishes on a daily basis. We can give practical advice as we now have 21 years’ experience.

We really come back, should we need to correct snags further down the road and don’t just disappear once the job is done. You will find the same people back on your site who worked there the first time. We have good relationships with our past clients and they stay with us, where we have come back over a period of 20 years to do further work for the same client.

Because we don’t use many sub-contractors to do the wet work, painting, plumbing etc. we can go the extra mile and do an additional job here and there without it costing you an arm and a leg.

We are not the most expensive, nor are we the cheapest, but we use quality products and our workmanship is of a higher standard. We are not the fastest, nor are we the slowest, but you will always have your job done on time, done right the first time.

We can offer you a turnkey project, we can do only project management or we can work on a cost plus principal, whichever way suites your needs.

Trevor Lang is a qualified engineer, but also has 21 years experience in this field.

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